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ohio-land-for-sale.com is part of the BillylandAuctions.com network of online land sales. Established since 1982, Billyland is one of the premier sellers on Ebay, with an outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction. Click here to see what our customers have to say about land ownership from Billyland.

All of our auctions contain real pictures of the actual land being auctioned. All land auctions appearing here are "sealed bid" auctions. This simply means that any bid made on any parcel is confidential and remains the exclusive knowledge of the seller and bidder. Finally, you have the option for up to one year to "trade up" or "trade down" on any available properties, in the same or any other state. IF YOUR SEALED BID IS ACCEPTED YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED WITHIN 24 HOURS. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME, PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS WITH YOUR E-MAIL BID OR IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

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